New love, old friendships and a question of fidelity.

Tash and Rich are newly engaged and wild about each other. They can’t wait to celebrate their wedding with their closest friends, all of whom have known each other since university, where they enjoyed a hedonistic whirl of parties, popularity, sex and success.

But is fun really as easy-come-easy-go in your thirties as it was in your twenties? How do relationships change once you leave college and have to cope with real life? And what if the love of that life were to reappear now?

As old, long buried passions are reawakened, the group realise that a lot can change in twelve years. And a lot can happen in seven days…


Out of all of Adele Parks’ books this is my favourite (with Husbands coming in a very close second). Still thinking of You is about a group of friends who have known each other forever, but when they head off on a pre-wedding trip to France, they find that everyone has something that they are hiding. It’s a tried and tested formula… take the characters out of their comfort zones, put them somewhere that they can not run away, wind them up and watch the drama unfold. Adele goes this particularly well with this group of characters, making you like each of them in their own way as the story develops. What I especially enjoyed was how the theme of regret shone through in all of the characters. The road not taken is something that everyone can relate to and the unique transition that happens in your twenties as you move from a young adult into full on grown up, was woven into each of the plot lines of STILL THINKING OF YOU with a bitter sweet edge that left you pondering your own experiences.

This book is funny and romantic, with plot twists that will leave you audibly gasping on the train as you manically turn the page to find out what happens next.
Great for fans of Jane Green’s Mr. Maybe and Wendy Holden’s Wives of Bath