It’s official. Angela Clarke is in love — with the most fabulous city in the world. Fleeing her cheating boyfriend and clutching little more than a crumpled bridesmaid dress, a pair of Louboutins and her passport, Angela jumps on a plane, destination – NYC.  Holed up in a cute hotel room, Angela gets a New York makeover from her NBF Jenny and a whirlwind tour of the city that never sleeps. Before she knows it, Angela is dating two sexy guys. And, best of all, she gets to write about it in her new blog (Carrie Bradshaw eat your heart out). But it’s one thing telling readers about your romantic dilemmas, it’s another figuring them out for yourself ! Angela has fallen head over heels for the big apple, but does she heart New York more than home?

“I Heart New York” is the first in the ‘I Heart’ series and begins very dramatically with the leading lady, Angela Clark, discovering that her boyfriend of ten years has been cheating on her. Angela wants to get as far away from her ex as possible and ends up on a plane to New York. She’s never been to New York before and doesn’t know anybody there and so isn’t quite sure what to do with herself once she arrives.

Pretty soon Angela finds herself sad and alone in a hotel room and is sure that she’s made a big mistake. She’s just about to book a flight straight back home when she meets Jenny Lopez, aka ‘New York’s number one free psychiatrist’. A couple of days later and Angela has a new haircut, new make up, new clothes and is dating two hot guys. She even finds that her blog about her life in New York has got itself a huge following and is opening up all sorts of other opportunities. However, as fun as this new life is, Angela realises that at some point she is going to have to deal with the mess that is her former life in England and make some pretty big decisions about what she is going to do long-term – she can’t just stay having fun in New York forever… or can she?

I found that I became really swept away with this book; I read it in a single sitting and I was reluctant to put it down at all, even to make the all important cuppa. The pace was kept up throughout and, whilst it is fantasy, I felt that Angela dealt with her problems in a very realistic manner. She has difficult decisions to make and finds it hard to decide on the right course of action, just like any of us would in her situation.

Angela is a lovely character and is very easy to empathise with. I particularly enjoyed reading her ‘makeover scenes’ and I loved all the descriptions of New York. They really helped to produce a very good picture of Angela’s life. My only concern about Angela is the sheer amount of junk food she gets through, a Starbucks muffin does not constitute a decent meal young lady!

The secondary characters are all very well written. I loved the two sides of Jenny that we see, and I defy anyone not to want to hang out with Angela’s other new friends. The two love interests didn’t exactly sweep me off my feet, but they were perfect for Angela and for the storyline.

This is wonderfully frivolous and fun. The characters are brilliant, the writing very readable and I can’t wait to read the others in the series.

4 and a half stars