I’ve spent a fascinating evening meeting the delightful Chrissie Manby, whose latest novel ‘Kate’s Wedding’, I recently reviewed [https://girlyscribbles.wordpress.com/2011/04/12/review-kates-wedding-by-chrissie-manby/]. Chrissie was visiting my local library in Brecon on a mini book tour.

It was great to meet ‘The Woman Behind The Books’ and Chrissie was witty and thoroughly charming. We enjoyed a reading from ‘Kate’s Wedding’, heard about how Chrissie first came to be published, and were given some writing tips. There was the added bonus of Chrissie entertaining us with tales of her mad aunt. And all with a glass of wine in hand – most pleasant!

I found it so lovely to experience something different in our local library; I usually only attend with my children during the day. With so many libraries being faced with drastic cuts at the moment it’s good to see my library doing something out of the ordinary to attract readers, and a writer like Chrissie going out of their way to visit and support these institutions.