Oh dear me, I see the BBC have upset people yet again…. this time with a programme hosted by the comedian Sue Perkins aired on World Book Night. A letter complaining about the tone of the show, signed by 85 authors, has been sent to the Beeb.

I happened to watch the programme, and I have to say that I agree with the criticism; I was shocked at the time by how the authors being interviewed were treated: the whole show came across as very condescending, which given that the writers being interviewed had each sold millions of books, seemed a little bizarre. Sue Perkins obviously doesn’t enjoy any of the ‘popular’ fiction was being discussed so why have her as the host? Surely it would have made more sense to use someone who’s a fan of at least some of the featured novels – then perhaps the authors shown wouldn’t have been left feeling insulted.

There are so few television programmes about books that it seems a real shame that this one came across so negatively – it certainly wouldn’t have encouraged anyone unfamiliar with the works featured to give them a try.