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Goodbye, Jimmy Choo by Annie Sanders

Under normal circumstances, bohemian, skint Izzie Stock would never have met Maddy Hoare, a Gucci-clad, Beemer-driving urbanite. Their backgrounds and values appear to be a million miles apart. Then, due to their respective husbands’ careers, both women are dumped into the English countryside, fish out of water with five young children between them. They are thrown together at a ghastly ladies’ lunch and quickly find they have two things in common – an absolute hatred for the petty-mindedness of their neighbours and a longing for the mucky London streets and residents’ parking permits they’ve left behind. When tragedy hits and Maddy’s world collapses, the two women decide it’s time to shake things up. A chance discovery of Maddy’s leads to the launch of a natural cosmetics company from Maddy’s kitchen. The friends’ subsequent success has implications far beyond their wildest imaginings…
‘Goodbye Jimmy Choo’ was the first book written by Annie Sanders [Annie Sanders is actually two people, Annie Ashworth and Meg Sanders] and I am now a big fan. It’s the story of an unlikely friendship which develops being two women, Maddy and Izzie, both of whom find themselves virtually friendless and living in the country having left their former city lives behind them.

Maddy is a very glamorous mother of three with a beautiful house in the country, loving husband and live-in Nanny. She’s used to the good life and being supported by her husband, so how will she cope when tragedy strikes and she has to cope on her own? Is she capable of fending for herself when the going gets tough?

Izzie hates living in the country and misses her old London life. She’s worried about money and is trying to scrap together what she can whilst juggling her kids and waiting for her husband to get himself a new job. Izzie needs a friend and some excitement and she finds both when she meets Maddy.  But how will her husband react to her new success, and will she be tempted by Maddy’s sexy cousin Jean Luc?

I loved both the main characters in this book and revelled in their success when they work together. The personalities of the children were great, and the family inter-play was very well written.  The only character that I really didn’t like was Izzie’s husband, Marcus, and the only aspect of Izzie that drove me mad was how she put up with him!

‘Goodbye Jimmy Choo’
has got to be one of the best chick-lit reads that I have come across. I have read it several times, usually in one sitting. I really enjoy Annie Sanders’ style; it’s relaxed and readable whilst still retaining a high standard of writing. The story is excellent and inventive and the characters are lovable. It somehow manages to cover a multitude of emotions seamlessly; you’ll be crying on one page and laughing out loud on the next. Most importantly it has an absolutely perfect ending which leaves the reader thoroughly satisfied and ready to embark on their own Maddy and Izzie adventure!

4 and a half stars

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