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Rock Chicks is the story of the women behind the band. The groupie, the wife and the manager all have their roles to play in this enjoyable, easy read.

The publishers are building Ronni Cooper up to be the next big bonkbuster novelist, and is easy to see why with the number of romps reaching double figures before I had barely creased the spine!

Ronni Cooper takes us into the world of sex, drugs and rock n’ roll, back to the late eighties when bands like Guns n’ Roses and the Cure ruled the rock radio stations and band members shared EVERYTHING, even their girlfriends.

Yes, there are numerous sex scenes – the majority of which didn’t need to be there to move the plot forward, but it’s all a bit of fun isn’t it! And that’s exactly what this book is… Fun. It’s a fun bit of escapism, which will leave you hunting through your music collection for that Bon Jovi album and wondering what your fella would look like with long hair and a bass in his hand. The characters are flawed in ways that the book only scrapes the surface of, with all three of the women running from secrets in their past, and while the secrets are uncovered, they is still so much that we don’t know about their lives before the band.

The book held my attention from start to finish and even had me attempting to walk and read at the same time on my way into work (it never works). The story was somewhat predictable and the characters could do with some further fleshing out, but all things considered this was a hugely enjoyable read that I’ll be sharing and recommending to my friends for sure.

4 stars.

Rock Chicks is available at Amazon

Thank you to the publishers for this review copy.

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